SAND, Utah — If there’s one thing brothers AJ and William agree on, it’s that science experiments are fun and exciting.

“I might just want to be an astronaut and learn and do things in space like science,” 11-year-old AJ said during a visit to Little Beakers in Sandy, an open lab where kids can participate in more of 30 supervised scientific experiments.

Science is something that drives AJ, and it’s something that 13-year-old William likes to have fun with.

“The slime is taking over!” said William, stretching blue slime between his fingers.

While science is something the boys both enjoy, their personalities are quite different.

“AJ is, I’d say he’s the kid who wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s so loving. He’s more sensitive – he can really pick up on people’s emotions, and if he sees someone having a day difficult or not to be included, he will go out of his way to try to include that person or take them in,” said Maria Ortega, the boys’ DCFS social worker.

“William, he is very outspoken. I would say he can defend himself – he will tell you how he feels at the time. And he is also very independent; he likes to show his independence.

AJ and William have been living in foster care in Utah for about five years and hope to be adopted by a family.

“Family means someone who loves you, cares about you,” AJ said.

“They want to feel included and part of a family,” Ortega said. “They haven’t quite reached the point where they feel that stability, which is difficult for them.”

The boys love the outdoors and hope to find a family where they can have a dog.

Ortega said they would do well in a family that is active and engages in the activities they love.

“I love video games, looking at the stars, watching TV and building LEGOs,” AJ said. “I also like tacos.”

“I love McDonalds and buffets,” William added.

“If you’re a caring adult and they see that, they’ll just open up to you and they’ll receive you well, and that’s such a strength,” Ortega said.

To learn more about AJ and William, visit their profile or contact Raise the Future at 801-265-0444.

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