Hollywood actor Channing Tatum recently said in an interview that the chemistry between him and Salma Hayek is easy. Tatum, who stars alongside Salma Hayek in Magic Mike’s Last Dance, said there was undeniable chemistry because Hayek is an icon. “It’s supposed to be a great movie, it’s supposed to have that feeling that a great movie has. It’s an icon, like, it’s not hard to be like, ‘Oh okay, more icon girl more boyish,'” the actor said. The ‘White House Down’ actor added, “Yeah, it’s like a whole thing, you know? It’s fun!”

Channing Tatum explains how ‘Magic Mike’ was born

The ’21st Jump Street’ star opened up about how Magic Mike’s latest installment came to fruition. He told an outlet that he simply asked if the classic “Pretty Woman” situation, referencing the Julia Roberts film, had reversed, and suddenly the story went in that direction. “I said, ‘What if we like a reversed ‘Pretty Woman’ situation?” Channing Tatum said, adding, “And all of a sudden, you know, the tables are turned.”

This is in reference to the overall plot of Magic Mike’s Last Dance, where Salma Hayek plays a wealthy socialite who gets an extraordinary lap dance from Mike Lane. This leads him to offer Channing Tatum’s character a chance to launch his own show that is beyond his imagination. Magic Mike’s Last Dance is scheduled for February 10.

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