CancerStop - A quick reference guide to the different types of cancers

CancerStop – A quick reference guide to the different types of cancers

STEM mentoring, unique public apps, expert reviews among the services they offer are critically acclaimed nonprofit resources.

LAVEEN, ARIZONA, USA, Jan. 1, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Not-for-profit science organizations come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from professional associations and advocacy groups to foundations; all well endowed. How about a fledgling startup with rave articles, apps, and reviews from professionals and nonprofit resources?

Queromatics presents itself as a not-for-profit research organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of scientific research and innovation in the natural and life sciences. Run entirely by its volunteers and funded solely by the public and users, Queromatics provides different services such as public web applications, expert advice from a network of biomedical researchers, doctors and bioinformatics professionals, and mentoring students in science projects, among others. Experts also submit their research papers to peer-reviewed scientific journals and also have their research cited.

One of its apps, CancerStop, designed as a quick reference guide to different cancers, is unlike any other app. With an older version available on Google PlayStore, its recent version of the web app attracts users from all over the world and has been featured in articles from highly rated peer-reviewed journals like Nature. “We would like to connect established genetic mutations with precision clinical trials and interconnect registries around the world. …and this is just the beginning,” said Dr. Natarajan Ganesan, a cancer researcher and scientist for many years. many years, and currently founder and CEO. of Queromatics. “I have used this platform to educate my patients and explain cancer related issues like prognosis, finding clinical trials, etc.” says a suryam1ets user, who is also a doctor. It is one of many reviews from many of its users, making it one of the highest rated nonprofits of 2022 by Greatnonprofits.
It also has unique search apps like InstaSeq, specifically designed to accept genetic sequences and perform web searches, probably the only ones of their kind in the world.

Besides its academic flavor, Queromatics is also involved in mentoring young students in real-world programming with life science applications. “The project gave me 360-degree exposure to product design, software development and bioinformatics,” said Vedanth Ramji, a high school student and one of CancerStop’s lead developers.
Besides mentoring, Queromatics also gives STEM lectures to high school students from other countries.

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