Konnan appreciates Rey Mysterio’s storyline with Karrion Kross, noting that they’ve shown good chemistry so far. Konnan sat down with Wrestling Inc for a new interview and opened up about the on-screen rivalry between the two Smackdown stars; you can check out some highlights below:

On Mysterio’s feud with Karrion Kross: “Yeah. Well, Rey has a great segment coming up with someone who… [Karrion Kross is] very polarizing. A lot of people maybe don’t like it because they like, “Everybody’s got to have great wrestling matches.” And they don’t get it, characters get over it more than wrestling matches. I can tell you as a booker. And this guy is a great character. I mean, he’s a guy I’ve seen in Hollywood.

“So I think the verbiage that we saw between them on SmackDown was really good, especially [because] Rey never swears, and they had to page him, because he said, “I’m tired of these bulls**t.” Originally, the line was, “I’m tired of this nonsense,” which wouldn’t have done her any favors and wouldn’t have gotten a pop. But when he said bulls**t, it made a pop. And in addition, it gave him credit and more seriousness. And I think him and Kevin [Kross] are going to kill him. I worked with Kevin a lot at AAA so I know how hard working he is, how ambitious he is and Rey is just a perfectionist.

On Mysterio: “The good thing about Rey… And mate, believe me, not because he’s my best friend and because Dominik is my godson, because when they’re wrong I bury them too , okay?… So at his age, you have to think about it. Right now, there is no Undertaker, there is no Shawn Michaels, there is no Chris Jericho . He’s the living legend of this show right now. And at that age, he can still face off. I saw him not too long ago face off against Ricochet. It wasn’t like Ricochet had to wear it… No, mate. He goes out there and he works, and I think him and Kevin are going to have some really good matches. And there already seems to be a really good chemistry through them. So I’m happy because that I worked a lot with both.

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