A new cohort of Total Computers researchers experienced two exciting days at the National Cycling Center in Manchester across the 18e-19e January to officially launch the 2023 scholarship program.

Fellows had unique behind-the-scenes access to British cycling, including a tour of the NCC, an opportunity to try out the BMX track and velodrome, and several workshops on engaging with a coach developer, the ways of British Cycling talent and leadership within the Great Britain Cycling Team. Fellows have been supported by coach developers Marshall Thomas and Nicky Harveyson throughout, as well as new 2023 coach developer and former podium coach, Monica Greenwood – who won Olympic gold from Madison in the of this famous finale with Laura Kenny and Katie Archibald. Monica was on hand throughout Thursday to help make sense of it during an opportunity to watch Jason Kenny, Justin Grace and John Hewitt practice, before giving unique insight into Madison’s final build-up. at the Tokyo Olympics. Relationships between researchers were developed over interactive tasks as well as an evening meal together in Manchester.

New Researcher Alex said, “It’s been a busy two days, but the opportunity to meet such inspiring people and learn from their experiences has been hugely motivating,” while Emily said it was ” “brilliant, informative and fun!”

Robbie George, British Cycling’s director of education delivery and project manager for the scholarship scheme, said: “We have recruited another energetic, inspiring and diverse group of ambitious coaches who are ready to make an impact. important on cycling. The launch event and the previous initiation webinar were key in setting expectations, building relationships within the group and giving the best foundation on which they can grow. We know from the 2022 cohort of scholars how important it was to start with an inspiring event and they have been shining since then – I can’t wait to see where the 2023 cohort goes now.

The two days were full of ideas and fun and I am very grateful for the continued support of my colleagues at British Cycling to support this project, and grateful that we have a business partner like Total Computers who are equally passionate about making a real difference to people’s lives.”

The Total Computers Scholarship Program is a funded two-year program for aspiring career cycling coaches, offering free coaching lessons, access to a coach developer, connections across cycling and experiences at major events. However, one of the main takeaways from the first year of the program has been the community of scholars and the growth of a network of people across sport who support them.

George explained that “While we know the value of courses and access experiences, one of the underrated aspects of the program was the strength of the community that is formed by this shared journey. Scholars regularly share their experiences and ideas with each other, including when supporting GBCT, para and talent, as well as opportunities to share their own worlds. We are developing for 2023 how we better support this, including establishing more focused communities of practice – including for BMX Freestyle coaches, coaches interested in performance support and community coaching. I’m excited to see how these communities are growing.

Applications for 2024 are currently closed but you can express your interest via the link below. Applications will open in August 2023.

Register your interest for the Total Computers Fellowship Program 2024

If you have any questions in the meantime, please email Scholarships@britishcycling.org.uk.

Why scholarships are important

British Cycling and Total Computers are passionate about using this partnership to increase inclusiveness within cycling, with a focus on improving the diversity of the coaching workforce. Attracting a wider range of coaches strengthens the range of experiences available to developing cyclists and makes cycling accessible to groups, communities and individuals who previously thought it was not for them.

Currently, only 2% of coaches are from an ethnic minority, 22% are women and 5% are under 30 years old. In 2022, 50% of fellows recruited were women and 27% from various ethnic groups.

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