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Note: This is a letter to Mayor Paul Lefebvre regarding snow removal in hazardous areas,

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Just to respond to comments posted about my previous letter to City Council (“Chronicle: Heavy snowfall in Sudbury may block access for residents and emergency vehicles”, January 31, https://www. column-heavy-snowfall-in-sudbury-can-block-access-to-residents-emergency-vehicles) regarding snow removal: I I certainly don’t want or expect preferential snow removal on my street. However, there is quite a bit of science associated with snow and snow removal and even snow management.

At some point, I like to assume that snow plow drivers would really know their area, as well as the trouble spots in the various snow conditions they encountered. I suspect they were “empowered” to use their best judgment based on their knowledge and hard-earned experience to focus on the best way to achieve their goal. It was to make sure their area was as safe as possible.

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It seems that there is a policy at the town hall that does not reflect this process. We had a pretty good snowfall over a week ago, but the conditions (or type) of snow were different, as was the temperature, so getting up my hill wasn’t a problem.

There is no “cookie cutter” way to manage snow removal. And what city hall officials miss is that the terrain in the area is not flat. The old system worked well. And hats off to the snowplow drivers – they have a tough job. They didn’t need to go to college to know and understand their work and there is little scientific data to back them up – but they are experts in their craft.

So just assign them to their district and step back. And then distribute the snow shovels to city managers to clear downtown sidewalks. And then maybe everyone can feel safe.

Lionel W.F. Rudd


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