MAMMOTH SPRING, Ark. (KAIT) – A handful of schools in northern Arkansas have received thousands of dollars for hands-on learning.

One such school is Mammoth Spring, which received approximately $8,814.53 for a vocational and technical education program.

The school says the money will be used for its food chemistry class which teaches students about science while they are in the kitchen.

Superintendent Jennie Whisnant says she is grateful to receive this grant.

“There is an application process. Just because you apply doesn’t mean you get it, but we were among those selected. Now Ms. Taylor will be able to offer that with her CTE courses.

Whisnant says the course should help students gain insight through hands-on learning.

“One thing is when they mix liquids and use baking soda, what will your end product be when you’re done cooking? You can start in a liquid state but end up in a solid state. They can see these chemical factors appear and also be able to get credit from family and consumer science.

Students can enroll in the course from the next school year.

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