SINGAPORE – Netball Singapore (NS) has been given a boost ahead of a busy year for the national team with the arrival of local biotech company MiRXES as the title sponsor of the 2023 and 2024 Nations Cup, with a three-year extension option.

As part of the two-year sponsorship announced on Thursday, the company – which specializes in multi-cancer early detection solutions – will also provide health screenings to domestic players. The transaction is worth approximately $200,000 in cash and kind.

Screenings will help players optimize their bodies for performance by helping them understand their unique body baseline – which includes information about their glucose levels, blood pressure and other health markers.

It also helps them identify potential health risks and areas in which they are doing well. The plans, which include nutrition and wellness advice, will then be personalized for each player to address these issues while taking into account their individual lifestyle.

The 2023 Nations Cup will take place in October between the Netball World Cup in South Africa (July) and the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in Thailand (November).

To prepare for the quadrennial World Cup, they will also take part in the Pacific-Australia series on the Gold Coast in April and undertake a training tour of South Africa in June. In the last edition of the Cup in 2019, Singapore finished 16th.

The annual Nations Cup is usually held at the end of the year and features six teams. In the previous edition in December, Botswana clinched their maiden title after beating Fiji in the final, while Singapore was third.

The tournament’s last title sponsor was M1 in 2019. The competition did not take place in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic.

Nova Scotia President Jessica Tan thanked MiRXES for their support, as the sponsorship would help raise the standard of national teams by allowing them to embark on more training tours and overseas competitions against more experienced opponents.

It also fits with NS’s plans to hold a Southeast Asian Development Cup and a Singapore-Malaysia series next year, she noted.

She added: “We are excited and we are very happy to have the sponsorship because…it allows us to not only increase the number of programs but also the quality of them for our players.

National player Charmaine Soh added: “Health care is the most important part of our lives, and with 2023 being a big year for us, we are grateful to have MiRXES here to support Singapore netball. I can’t wait to learn more about its technology and how it can help me live my best life off the court.

Isaac Ho, co-founder and chief investment officer of MiRXES, noted that NS’s programs appeal to people of all ages and encourage healthy living through physical activity.

He added, “This goes hand-in-hand with MiRXES’ mission to make early disease detection accessible and affordable in the community, thereby ensuring Singaporeans lead longer and healthier lives.

“Through this partnership, we hope to complement NS initiatives by raising awareness of the importance of preventative health and how MiRXES products and services enable preventative health care and precision medicine, in accordance with the Singapore’s Healthier SG initiative.

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