A South Jacksonville administrator plans to propose a ban on using the TikTok app on any computer or cellphone used to conduct village business.

Administrator Todd Warrick said he believed the ban was necessary due to national security concerns over China-based app owner ByteDance. This is one of the items on the agenda of the plenary committee meeting on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the village hall.

Warrick said the scrutiny of enforcement by federal, state and other governments has caught his attention and he thinks that attention is warranted.

“I can’t speak for the other admins, they may or may not agree with me, but there are growing concerns about TikTok and its ability to reach out and access app user information,” said Warrick. “It’s not perfect, but it would be a way of saying ‘Don’t do it.'”

Under his proposal, employees would be required to remove TikTok from their computers, computer systems and any phones they use to conduct business on behalf of the village, Warrick said.

President Joe Biden signed a bill in late December banning the use of TikTok by the nearly 4 million federal government employees on devices owned by his agencies. There are limited exceptions for law enforcement, national security and security research purposes.

CNN reported that 35 states have either implemented TikTok bans or have now introduced bills to do so. There have been no similar moves in Illinois.

“I looked into it and TikTok is a Chinese company in Beijing,” Warrick said. “It’s a whole different country there and ultimately the Chinese government owns it.

“I don’t use TikTok anymore. I removed it from my phone. I don’t know how much information they steal. Some phones use a retina scan, and they might end up stealing that too.”

The meeting is a chance for others to speak out for or against the ban.

“If people want to voice their opinion on this, I’d love to hear it on Thursday night,” Warrick said.

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